Junk Wanted Now provides high-end junk removal services but our prices are actually among the lowest in New York! We believe both domestic and commercial clients should be able to experience a hassle-free collection of waste which comes at a completely reasonable price.

The table below gives an example of our standard rates:

Household and Green Waste Removal Prices

Space in the van Cubic Yards Time Loading Price*
Min charge 1 10 min $100-$150
1⁄4 Van 2 15 min $100-$200
1/2 Van 4 30 min $200-$250
3/4 Van 6 45 min $250-$300
Full Van 8 60 min $300-$350

*The prices are based on the VOLUME and the WEIGHT of the waste for collection.

Builders Waste Removal Prices

Weight Time Loading Price**
max 1000 lbs 30 min $150
max 1500 lbs 45 min $200
max 2000 lbs 60 min $250
max 2500 lbs 75 min $300
max 3000 lbs 90 min $350

**The prices are based on the WEIGHT of the waste for collection.

Additional charges may be applied

Supplement Charges

Required fees Price
Mattress $60
Domestic Fridge/Air unit $40
Commercial Fridge/freezer unit $70
Computer Monitor/TV $30
Car battery $10
Fluorescent tube $ 5

Our prices include: labor, transport and disposal fees.

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